“After having tried and looked at several pre-school programs, we finally enrolled our daughter at Chabad, and realized how much small classes and truly devoted and loving teachers can do for the development of a child.”

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Our philosophy reflects current thinking in the field of early childhood education and provides a strong foundation for all future learning and living. Each child’s individuality is valued and nurtured and the curriculum is focused on encouraging your child’s developing sense of self. Parents are regarded as partners in the important role of raising children to be caring, responsible and creative Jewish adults. Through holiday celebrations, social functions, parent conferences and weekly newsletters, your family becomes a significant part of the community. Chabad Preschool succeeds in creating a unique warm and friendly environment with caring teachers who are, above all, concerned about your child and shower the children with love and affection. Current thinking in the field of early childhood education echoes a statement by King Solomon, found in the Book of Proverbs: “Educate a child to his way, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”