Clubs are optional programs offered to the Nursery Bet (3’s) and Pre K (4’s) classes. They take place from 1:00 to 2:00pm, Monday to Thursday. The program cost is $650 per day for the year. No refunds or credits are given for missed or dropped classes.


Monday HIP HOP:   We are once again teaming up with Jimmy Locust Studios to provide our children with some of the best dance teaching talent in the area. Instructor Katelynn Draper is back with us for another year of moving and shaking to a hip hop beat!
Tuesday   COOKING: Children learn the art of cooking and baking.   Classes focus on following recipes, measurements, cooking utensils, experimenting with flavor combinations, food presentation, cooking safety, nutrition, and of course, lots of tasting! The children have their own cooking tools to use during the year.
Wednesday CERAMICS/SCULPTURE:  Children explore art form in the 3rd dimension, exploring the different ways they can transform something flat into something with height and form. Children utilize many materials to create dimensional forms. They learn to mold and build with clay to create both functional and artistic ceramic pieces.
Thursday CIRCUS ARTS: Students learn clowning techniques as well as acrobatic movement basics and playful partner work. Through hands on activities utilizing props such as balance boards, bean bags, hula hoops, and buddy walkers, the children develop muscle strength, brain and body balancing, teamwork, self esteem, focus and attention.

If you do not enroll for a full session, you may have your child participate
on a drop-in basis if space allows. The drop-in fee is $30 per class.
To enroll in a Club, please contact Greta Finkelstein