“I will be forever thankful for this special place and for the people who convinced me to give my daughter this wonderful year. I am so grateful that she will still have access to everyone involved; because of Camp Gan and Hebrew School she does not have to say goodbye to this special community of teachers and children.”

yael 12

Our preschool curriculum is based on a thematic approach to learning. Units of study are ideal for integrating concepts across the curriculum areas and giving learning greater context and meaning. The most powerful themes of the curriculum are derived from the Jewish holidays, the seasons, the natural world, the study of self, family and community, and from other subjects that are relevant to a children’s lives.

Each theme is explored through a variety of sub-topics. Additional areas of focus emerge to reflect the interests of the children. From these subjects, classroom activity plans are designed. The process of delving into a topic; asking questions, experimenting, making discoveries, and being deeply invested in the quest for understanding is so valuable to a child’s development. We aim to choose topics that pique children’s interests and then give them ample opportunity to explore as we facilitate their investigations and weave in learning concepts.

Curriculum plans incorporate each of the subject areas: language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music, and movement. The activities also engage multiple styles of learning: visual, aural, verbal, social, solitary, logical, and physical. As well, each domain of child development is considered when creating classroom plans: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative.

CLICK HERE for a calendar of the thematic units for the year and examples of the sub-topics that will be explored.