Clubs are optional after-school programs offered to Nursery Bet (3’s) and Pre-K (4’s) children. They take place from 1:00 to 2:00pm every day.

Our Clubs schedule is as follows:


Monday HULA HOOP / ZUMBA: The instructor leads the children in an energized hula hoop class that strengthens core muscles and encourages self-expression. Children work with age-appropriate hoops and each class ends with a mini-performance! On designated Mondays throughout the year, Morah Nicole teaches the children to move to the music in her fun and lively Zumba dance class.
Tuesday COOKING: Children learn the art and science of cooking and baking. Classes focus on following recipes, measuring, using cooking utensils, experimenting with flavor combinations, food presentation, cooking safety, nutrition, and of course, lots of tasting! The children plant a garden and grow vegetables to use in future recipes.
Wednesday SCIENCE & ANIMALS: Through hands-on activities that include gardening, conducting experiments, solving puzzles, designing, and building, the children explore a range of science, math, engineering, and technology concepts.
Thursday GYMNASTICS: Antolie Vartuso promotes gross motor development and physical fitness while teaching the children basic gymnastic skills and vocabulary, while improving their strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.
Friday SCULPTURE: Children explore art form in the 3rd dimension with Morah Yael, learning the different ways they can transform something flat into something with height and form. Children will mold and construct art pieces from many different materials, including clay.

Your child can participate in these classes on a drop-in basis if space allows.