Clubs are optional after-school programs for children of Nursery Bet (3’s) and Pre-K (4’s). Clubs take place from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Monday thru Thursday. The program cost is $700 per day for the year. At least one Chabad teacher is always present. No refunds or credits are provided for missed or dropped classes.  Space is limited. 



Neha Shah teachers the children how to groove to Bollywood music. Children improve their fitness level and their dance moves. 



Morah Nicole introduces the children to the many rewards of gardening through hands-on activities in our own school garden. School gardens are shown to provide many benefits including: Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, improvement in attitudes towards fruits and vegetables, improvement in social skills and behaviors, improvement in environmental attitudes, and instillation of respect for nature. 


Stamford Nature Center 

Instructors from the Nature Center bring new animals every week for the children to touch and discover. A wide variety of scientific concepts related to animals and nature are incorporated. 


Soccer Superstars 

Instructors teach the fundamentals of soccer and other sports in a fun, non-competitive, and age-appropriate manner. Instructors use positive reinforcement to ensure each child feels supported and 


 To register, email and type “Clubs” in the subject. Let me know which day or days you want your child to participate. 

The first day for Clubs is Thursday, September 23rd. There are no clubs on days of Early Release.