The Special Activities are included as part of the preschool day. Instructors spend 30 minutes with each class. Children in all classes participate in Specials. Chabad teachers remain with the children during this time.

Below is a summary of current special activities:

Monday YOGA: Corey Esannason brings a sense of fun and relaxation to children by introducing them to basic Yoga poses. It is an opportunity for children to connect with their breath, build strength and flexibility, and develop a better understanding of their bodies. *During fall and spring: Art instead of Yoga
Tuesday MUSIC: Shifra Garber creates a fun and lively musical experience that keeps children moving to the music during her multi-sensory classes. Children learn about different instruments and musical concepts, such as tonality, beat, melody, and harmony.
Wednesday STAMFORD MUSEUM AND NATURE CENTER: Instructors from the Nature Center bring new animals every week for the children to touch and discover. A wide variety of scientific concepts related to animals and nature are incorporated.
Thursday SPORTS: Antolie Vartuso teaches the children basic physical skills using a variety of drills and games. Activities enhance gross motor ability, keep everyone active, and introduce children to group sports. *During the winter: Art instead of Sports
Friday PUPPET SHOW & SHABBAT PARTY: Morah Maryashie creates weekly puppet shows to reinforce positive social skills. In addition, teachers lead weekly joy-filled shabbat celebrations through songs, stories, and challah baking.
*Monday /Thursday ART: Morah Yael leads children in creative and unique art experiences. Through exploring a broad variety of mediums and techniques, children are encouraged to discover new forms of expression.  Children engage in drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and more.